Trails and More - Afternoon Horse Camp

School is out and summer is here. Lazy mornings and slow starts. If this is how you and your rider roll during the summer, then Trails and More - Afternoon Horse Camp is designed for you.  Sleeping in, eat lunch and ride all afternoon. 


This camp is all about hours in the saddle. When campers arrive, their assigned horse or pony will already be saddled and ready to go.  Our camp motto is, "Get on and get riding!"

Campers will take lessons, play games, and experience the beauty of our famous Mountain Trail Ride under the summer sun. 

At the end of their day, we put campers to some good old fashioned hard work. They will help unsaddle, groom, and put their horses to bed. Our knowledgeable and trained camp counselors will  spend time each day talking to the riders about horse care and the big responsibilities of owning an equine.


This is a very relaxed camp.  The emphasis is on our campers spending hours in the saddle.

We at Lang’s Horse & Pony Farm are committed to providing a safe, educational, and welcoming environment for all our campers, patrons, volunteers, and staff. As a family run business, we are limited in the range of special needs we are able to properly accommodate; including but not limited to behavior management and certain health conditions. 

If your child requires special assistance for educational, behavioral or medical needs at school or other programs you will need to contact our office directly before enrolling in one of our camps to ensure that placement is feasible. Please read the attached information. For further details click here. 

Camp Times: 2:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Age: Boys and girls 8-15 years

Riding skill level: Basic (and recent) riding skills required to attend this camp.  If your camper can walk and jog independently than they will be qualified to attend.  If you are not sure, you may consider getting them a lesson to prepare them for camp.


Check-in: 2:15 p.m. on the first day of camp. 

Camp Graduation:  This camp does not prepare a parents show.  Parents are welcome to come on Wednesday from 5:45-6:00 to meet camp horses and instructors.


What to Bring: Snack, Water bottle, and raincoast                                                                                          if rain is in the forecast.



June 29 - July 3       5 day camp $330  Full

July 20 - 23              4 day camp $264  Full

Aug 24 - 28              5 day camp $330  Full

Aug 31 - Sep 4         5 day camp $330 Full

You have 2 ways to register for camp.

1. You can use our online registration service.  

2.  Print and mail in the camp registration form,  release form, and medical form from our website.

A $100 deposit is required to secure a spot in this camp. 

FULL PAYMENT OF CAMP TUITION IS DUE TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP!  Those accounts with outstanding balances after the final payment due date (two weeks prior to the first day of your camp) will be charged a $25 late fee. Payments made within the final 24 hours (or at camp check in) will be charged an additional $25 for a total late fee of $50.

A RELEASE OF LIABILITY for the current year is due within 30 days of signing up for camp.  The farm office must receive the original hard copy of this form for your campers file.  A $25 fee will be charged for each reminder we send regarding late forms.  (Up to $25 per month) 


All rides are booked by phone reservation. Please call 1-2 weeks in advance.