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Please Note:

- Phone reservations required. Parties are normally booked 1-4 months in advance. Same week parties are rarely available. 

- $100 non refundable deposit is required at time of booking. 

- We also do adult birthday parties.


-Any rider under 18 years must have a release form signed by their parent in order to ride.


-Children 8 years and under with no riding experience, must have an adult lead their pony.


-Please no shorts or sandals around the ponies and horses.


-Equestrian riding helmets will be supplied by the Lang farm.  No bike helmets allowed.


-Picnic areas are a roof cover over several picnic tables.  They do not have electricity or running water. They can accommodate up to 24 guests. 

-Larger parties must be booked using our special events services. Large group gatherings are only available during the summer months. 

Picnic area

All rides are booked by phone reservation. Please call 1-2 weeks in advance. 

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