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Kids pony rides are for kids aged 3-10 years. Children aged 3-7 years are only allowed to ride size appropriate ponies. 

Older kids or adults can also do this easy ride if they are timid, or want to ride with siblings/friends.

The kids pony ride path is wide and fairly flat, and is designed for parents to be able to walk along and assist their young children with riding the ponies outdoors. You will enjoy the beautiful pond with abundant ducks and other interesting farm sights.

We have a 2-rider minimum and a 10 rider maximum for each ride.  A private ride means just your family or friends. A group ride allows us to add several small families/groups together.

-All children under the age of 8 will need a parent or adult to lead their pony. This should be a parent, grandparent, or other adult that the child is comfortable with. The trail guide must be free to assist all riders and will not lead just one child. 

-If your child has any special needs, please inform us when making your reservation. Although we are not a therapeutic riding farm, we can accommodate some special needs children if we know in advance what to expect. 

-Only 1 rider per animal is permitted. No double riding.
- Reservations required. Please call us at 360-424-7630 to book your ride. 
- All rides are guided, sorry no independent rides.

- Gift certificates are also available.
- Deposits are required for all reservation. 
- Gratuities to guides much appreciated.

Our wonderful four-legged friends are eager to give your little ones a great pony riding experience.   Lola Lang and her staff want their guests and their horses to be as comfortable and safe as possible, so every ride begins with a comprehensive SAFETY CLASS.  Before helping the children to mount up on the ponies,  experienced guides teach the parents and other leaders basic commands to turn, slow down, and stop the ponies. We also go over what not to do, and safety procedures.  This helps riders and helpers know what to expect from the ride, and how to give gentle and understandable commands to their ponies.   Our riding review will insure that children of all levels will enjoy themselves safely.

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Preschool Special: Pony Meet and Greet. Introduction to ponies for timid kids. 15 minutes to meet, pet, brush, or feed treats. This is not a ride. This is for kids who are not quite ready to ride. Cost is just $25. Reservations required. Children must be 3 years or older to participate

Frequently asked questions...

My child is 2.5 years old, but very mature and large for their age. Can they ride the ponies? 

Sorry, not until they have actually had their 3rd birthday.

My 7 year old really wants to ride a BIG HORSE. Is this allowed? 

No, not until he turns 8 years old. Maybe this could be a fun Birthday present for him. 

What is the path like? Can grandma walk along with us?

The kids pony ride path is wide and fairly flat, and is designed for parents to be able to walk along and assist their young children. We do not allow strollers, or wheelchairs out on the pony path.

I only have just the 1 child. Can we go on a Private ride?

We have a 2-rider minimum on all rides. Maybe you can find one of your friends who would want to go with you. Otherwise we can try to add you to a group ride.

I have 3 kids, and only myself to walk with them. What should I do?

Schedule a private ride and the trail guide can help with one of the kids. We also sometime have teen volunteers at the farm on the weekends who can help out. If you need an extra volunteer to help, please be prepared to tip them. 

My child is very experienced. Can she ride the pony with out my help?

Unless she is 8 years or older, I'm sorry, but someone will have to walk along with her.  Our trail guides must be able to assist the entire group of riders.  Parents are responsible for walking their own children.

Do you serve children with special needs?

Please explain in advance the nature of your Childs physicals or mental limitations.  Although we are not a therapeutic riding farm, we can accommodate some special needs children on our hand-led pony rides.

If my child is to scared to ride alone can she ride a horse with an adult?

NO, only 1 rider per animal is permitted. No double riding.

Can I just show up and expect to ride?

Absolutely not - Reservations are required.  All reservations are done over the phone, please call us at 360-424-7630.  

Will there be any extra taxes or fees?
No, all taxes and fees are included in the price. Only gratuities to guides are extra and at your discretion. 

Should we bring our bike helmets?

Only certified equestrian riding helmets can be used. We have loaner helmets available at no extra charge. All helmets are treated for lice and sanitized between each use. 

Why can't my 6 year old go on the longer harder trail rides? 

Our longer trail guides are designed for riders over 8 years old.  The trails are more challenging than our pony path and have narrow spots, hills to climb, and more chance of experiencing deer along the ride.

What is the dress Code for pony rides and trail rides?

For children: Long pants, closed toed shoes, and a riding helmet.

For walkers/helpers: Sturdy walking shoes or boots. In the winter months rubber boots are strongly recommended. 

What if it rains?

If you are concerned about the weather please call us right away and we will advise you.  We are closed and will cancel all children's rides due to  high winds, snow, heavy rain, or thunder or lightning. 

I'm bringing my grandkids/ neighbors kids/ friends kids. What type of wavers will I need?

All riders must have a release of liability signed by their parent or legal guardian.  You are not able to sign a release for someone else' child.  We are not able to allow a riders to participate without the proper signature on their form.

All rides are booked by phone reservation. Please call 1-2 weeks in advance. 

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