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We offers riding instruction for children and adults, and we welcome beginners through advanced riders to join us!

Both ponies and horses are used in our classes, however our staff will select size appropriate animals for your children. Safety is always our first concern. 

We offer both English and Western style riding lessons.

Our indoor riding facility allows us to teach year round, and we have a great lineup of instructors.
We offer group riding instruction as well as semi-private lessons. 

Please call to make reservations. (360) 424-7630


Riding Lesson Options:

Private Lessons. One on one coaching with our awesome staff and horses. Most riders only need one or two private lessons before advancing to Semi-Private, or Group Lessons.  However, if because of special needs, or a very irregular schedule, you need ongoing privates, the price is $85 per class. Ongoing privates are typically only available on the weekdays, during the day. Weekend and after school we offer group classes. 

Semi-Private Lessons. 2-3 riders working with one instructor. This can be siblings or friends, or we can match you with another rider. Riders do not have to be exactly the same level as our staff is skilled at teaching riders with different experience levels.  Most classes include some horsemanship and some riding.  Semi-Private lessons can be one time, or on an ongoing basis. 1 hour, $60 per person. 

Group Lessons. For riders who are willing to commit to a weekly program, group lessons are a great option. Groups are 4-6 riders of similar age and level who meet on a weekly basis. Riders must be able to ride independently to be invited into a group lesson.  Group lessons run September through May, but you may sign up at any time if space is available. 

     A 1.5 hour group is $220 for 4 weeks (must be paid in advance). Longer classes may be available for advanced and dedicated students.

     Group gaming lessons start at $300 per month. 

Pony Time. Group fun for little riders. Designed for kids aged 3-7 years old. Each child must be assisted by an adult. Kids will groom the ponies and go on a fun pony ride. Most times we go on the pony path in the woods, but we can also ride in an arena if the group prefers. 45-60 minutes depending on the size of the group. $50 per child.

One-time Evaluation Lesson. If you are interested in weekly riding lessons, we would like to get to know you before placing you in a class. You will start with groundwork and spend a few minutes learning to groom and tack up your horse. Then you will mount up and spend the rest of your hour learning/or working on riding technique. Yuu can work one on one with a riding coach to discuss your riding goals. After your evaluation your coach can fill out an Evaluation Form so that we can place you into a group or semi-private lessons. 1 hour, $70. Please note: this option is only for riders wanting to enroll in our weekly lesson program. 

Click here to sign up for a JUMBULA account so you can get enrolled in group lessons.

Rules and safety guidelines:

-No child under the age of 3 years may ride a pony. 

-Children aged 3-7 years are only allowed to ride size appropriate ponies. 

-All children under the age of 8 will need a parent or adult to lead their pony during their riding lessons until the instructor feels they are ready to ride alone. 

-If you (or your child) have any special needs, please inform us when making your reservation. Although we are not a therapeutic riding farm, we can accommodate some special needs if we know in advance what to expect. 

-Only 1 rider per animal is permitted. No double riding or trading out riders halfway through class. 
- Reservations required. You must cancel your lesson at least 48 hours in advance, or you will be expected to pay for the class.

-Group lesson always prepaid, and on a regular schedule. 

-Dress code: Western riders need to be in jeans and boots with a heel. English riders should wear breeches and riding boots with a heel. All riders must wear a certified equestrian riding helmet. (We do have loner helmets and boots available for when you are first getting started in lessons)


All rides are booked by phone reservation. Please call 1-2 weeks in advance. 

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